Our school has recently undergone a major upgrade of its Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) program and infrastructure. Our ICT program has been enhanced with the installation of Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms and a computer lab with 28 desktops in addition to many computers in each of the classrooms.  This will ensure our students now have the capacity to learn on a local, national and international perspective. Our focus is now on providing students with the tools to transform their learning and to enrich their learning environment.

The knowledge, skills and behaviours that we aim to develop include:
  • More productive ways of working and solving problems individually and collaboratively
  • Create items that demonstrate their understanding of concepts, issues, relationships and processes
  • Express themselves in contemporary and socially relevant ways
  • Communicate locally and globally to solve problems and to share knowledge
  • Understand the implications of the use of ICT and their social and ethical responsibilities as users of ICT
A significant amount of funding has been devoted to ensuring the school's network is capable of delivering the results and performance expected in today's electronic environment.

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