Literacy & Numeracy

Tootgarook Primary School follows the strategic and comprehensive approach to Literacy and Numeracy development as outlined in the Early and Middle Years programs. In literacy children are exposed to a wide range of texts incorporating fiction and non-fiction titles. Students are encouraged to experiment and develop expertise with different writing genres and are provided with many opportunities to become competent speakers and courteous and attentive listeners.

The Reading Intervention program offers extra tuition to those students whose literacy skills are slower to develop. This provides an additional support structure for children who are having difficulty with aspects of literacy, including their reading and writing. This program complements our literacy program and enables the children to become active and independent readers and writers and empowers them to join in the daily literacy activities.

In numeracy students are provided with learning experiences that are challenging, linked to real life contexts and enable students to achieve a range of purposes. Structures within the grade allow for individual differences through the provision of open-ended tasks. Numeracy development is based around ‘hands on’ problem solving in whole class and small group activities. Skills that can be transferred to real life situations are developed through engaging maths ideas and strategies.

Parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged in the classroom and we aim to develop a shared understanding of children’s literacy and numeracy learning. Programs for classroom helpers are provided to develop support skills and provide a contextual understanding of the learning areas. Parental support with our curriculum programs is appreciated and valued.

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