School History

On Monday July 12 1954 - Mrs. Wordsworth and her school children vacated the local hall and moved into the newly constructed Tootgarook Primary School No: 4661. The new school house was the culmination of three and half years of planning and hard work. Plans for the school include an electrical sound system, to be installed by the Education Department, a tape recorder, a movie camera and a puppet theatre. All these,  Mrs Wordsworth - the Head Mistress - hopes will be "assets of the not to distant future." Tootgarook school has built up a grand reputation for sport in the last couple of years and has a roll call of 41. The school has also built a reputation for its contributions to social services. In the last financial year more than 30 pound was donated to charitable organisations - no mean feat for so small a school which has also had to raise money for its own interest.

This article appeared in The "Post" on July 14 1954.

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