Digital Technologies

Digital Technology

At Tootgarook Primary School we strive to create a supportive and inclusive community. Our online communication platform (Compass) allows for direct and up to date communication between our staff and parents/guardians. The information communicated through Compass includes key elements of education, including Semester Reports, NAPLAN data, upcoming event details, permission and payment; as well as information regarding classroom teaching and the role parents/family can play in assisting learning outside of the school.

Within the classroom our students strive to achieve personal excellence within Digital Technology. Teachers facilitate this by both incorporating key topic areas into a digital landscape and empowering students to challenge themselves. Digital Technologies is integrated throughout all curriculum areas, with resources such as iPads and Notebooks available for student use throughout the school day.

Our online student platform, DB Primary allows for online interaction and learning to take place within Maths, English and Computing. We encourage all students to extend their learning by logging in at home and completing tasks.

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