Physical Education

Physical Education 

At Tootgarook Primary School, the purpose of our Physical Education program is to provide equal opportunities in sport and movement to all students in a positive and enjoyable environment. Students continue to develop their Fundamental motor skills across the years through modified individual and team games, which align with the skills necessary for sport participation. Through these sessions students are encouraged to make mistakes and ask questions to help build their knowledge and abilities. As well as this, it is our goal at Tootgarook Primary School for all students to know the benefits of physical activity, sport and the enjoyment that can come through participation.

Each year level is assigned a one hour Physical Education lesson every week, with Years 5 and 6 receiving one additional hour on a Friday to partake in training for their district sport days. 

Tootgarook Primary School participates in District sporting days where students from years 3-6 have the opportunity to represent their school in events such as Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming. Some of these students may also be given the opportunity to progress to Divisional/Regional/State level competition.

As we are just a short walk from the Tootgarook Foreshore, students in years 3-6 enjoy participating in our water safety sessions during Term 1 of each year. On these days students explore the importance of water safety, as well as learning to use sea kayaks, snorkel and body board. Students celebrate the end of their Water Safety program through competing in an Iron Person school event, where they can show their newly learnt skills in a fun and competitive way.

Tootgarook Primary School is proud to be working with the Ride to school initiative and provides a Bike Education program within Physical Education lessons in Term 4 for students in years 3-6.

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