“Mathematicians at Tootgarook Primary School are confident problem solvers who are learning to link Mathematical concepts to everyday life situations.”


At Tootgarook Primary School Mathematics is taught according to the Victorian Curriculum as outlined by the Victorian Government. We provide students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge. Our program develops students’ mathematical knowledge and incorporates problem solving, fluency, understanding, reasoning and the ability to apply maths to real life.

Teachers collaboratively plan explicit and engaging lessons using the Micahel Ymer Planning Documents and structure lessons according to the Nadia Walker Model. All lessons also


Mathematics is a daily part of each student's activities. Students work either in individual or group situations within their core class structure which allows for extended vocabulary learning and valuable discussions. It also allows the opportunity for peer teaching and learning.  

Students undertake regular assessment including pre and post testing to help assist and inform required teaching and learning outcomes. Student centred learning goals and reflections encourage continual student growth through feedback and conferencing.


The way we organise and deliver Mathematics at Tootgarook Primary School has an impact on our student outcomes. Providing consist and engaging lessons allows us to provide and support our students with the very best chance to achieve personal excellence.


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