"Mathematicians challenge themselves to be reflective, efficient problem solvers who are
empowered to apply mathematical strategies to everyday life."




At Tootgarook Primary School we provide students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge through exploration, investigation and game based learning.


Our program develops students’ mathematical knowledge and incorporates problem solving, fluency, understanding, reasoning and the ability to apply maths to real life.


Mathematics is a daily part of each student's learning. Number Fluency is an important part of our lessons and encourages students to develop Mathematical vocabulary through games and play.


Students work within their core class structure allowing for enabling and extension opportunities. We also provide group tutoring aimed to support and extend student individual learning. We empower students to help each other by collaborating and encouraging peer teaching and learning.  


We endeavour to engage the local community with Mathematical learning experiences which are hands on and fun for the whole family. Whole school events are an integral part of our learning community.







Our teachers collaboratively plan challenging and engaging lessons that integrate and make connections with learning across all curriculum areas.


For a more comprehensive overview of Mathematics Teaching and Learning please click on the Maths Policy link below.


The way we organise and deliver Mathematics at Tootgarook Primary School has a positive impact on our student outcomes. Providing consistent and engaging lessons allows us to support our students with the very best chance to achieve personal excellence.


Click on the link below for ideas on how to help your child with maths at home.



Maths Ideas for Home

Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide



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