Our school's Library is now set up in each building for ease of access -borrowing and returning of library books is done during allocated class times. Children may borrow up to two books for two weeks. It is easy for loans to be extended if the book is needed for a longer period of time. We also have Classroom Libaries inn each grade - they may be different for each year level. They are used by the students during reading time and free time if they choose.


Book Club - Book Club will return in 2021


Book Club is run twice a year during Term 1 and Term 3.


Book Fair comes to the school during May and November.


Library Helpers

Thank you to the Library Captains help to keep the book collection organized in the SEnior Learning Centre.

These students do a fantastic job shelving books and keeping the library tidy and organised. Your help is really appreciated by all that use the library.


MOBILE LIBRARY STOP AT TOOTGAROOK EVERY THURSDAY (except public holidays) 1.35pm - 2.30pm

Children who wish to visit the mobile library will be taken over by a teacher each Thursday at 2.00pm. Children will need to have their Library card. Their local excursion note will cover them leaving the school grounds, however if parents could send a note to the office letting us know if their child/ren will be going over to the Library so we can generate a list. Prep children will not be going to the van during 1st term. Forms to join Rosebud Library are available from the school office.


Mornington Peninsula Shire Library Membership Form

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