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Principal's Report

Latest news from Mr Whitworth....

End of Year Announcements

Last Day Arrangements
Please note that students will be dismissed early this Friday, at 1:30pm, to begin their summer break. Students will be dismissed from the basketball court, whereby they will then go home for lunch. We suggest packing a slighter larger morning snack for Friday, given these lunch arrangements. Students will assemble on the basketball court at 1:10pm ; the assembly will consist of-
-Christmas raffle
-School Captain and Vice Captain announcements
-Personal Excellence Awards
-House Logo Competition
-Spider Crab Competition winners announced
-Year 6 send off
December Student Reports
 If all goes according to plan, the upload of our student 2021 December Reports onto Compass will occur at approximately 4:00pm on Thursday 16th December. (We will send out a Compass Newsfeed to confirm their availability). We hope this end of year report provides an opportunity for you to ascertain achievements for your child/ren in the key areas of Literacy, Numeracy, STEM, Music and Art. Please note that the school will not be providing printed copies of student reports. If you have any issues accessing the December Reports on Compass, please don’t hesitate to make contact with the main office on 5985 2864. We urge families leaving the school at the end of the year (particularly in Year 6) to download these reports whilst access to Compass accounts is still available.
We will sadly farewell several of our wonderful teachers and Education Support staff members at the end of this week.
- We extend our best wishes to Danika Pittard as she joins her new school Flinders College in 2022.
- Brooke Costanzo will join us for a brief period at the start of next year before heading off on maternity leave with the impending birth of her first child.
- Catherine Hone will be taking twelve months leave in 2022 to explore other opportunities. We wish Catherine well on her new adventures and we will look forward to seeing her back at Tootgarook in 2023.
- Amelia Davey is likely to stay on in her role at Region at this stage.
- Madison Ritchie will be embarking on a teaching career in the U.K in 2022.
- Molly  McDonald will be concentrating on her University Studies and AFLW career in 2022.
New Staff
-Ebony Burns will be in the 3/4 area
-Claire Bancroft will be in the year 4/5 area
-Julia Gibson will be in the 5/6 area

Grade Structures for 2022
Curriculum Coordinator-Alicia Perkins
Disability and Inclusion Coordinator-Adele Read
Year 5/6-Bill Morrison
Year 5/6-Julia Gibson
Year 3/4-Brooke Constanzo (Term 1) Maddy Boyd (Term2-4)
Year 3/4-Ebony Burns
Year 2-Bec Broomfield & Tegan Worrell
Year 1/2-Clair Hill
Foundation/1-Jess Bell
Art/Music-Christine Young
STEM/LOTE-Patricia Gibson
Physical Education-Paul King
Final Transition Stage
 On Friday morning, all students enrolled for 2022 will participate in the final stage of our Transition Program whereby they will meet their new teacher (9-11am) and find out who their classmates will be for next year. Each student will bring home a small note confirming these details at the end of the school day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful teachers once again for the countless hours that have been put into building the new classes for 2022. This process has entailed feedback from students (learning buddies), parents (extenuating circumstances) and all teachers. Each class is a very complex and sensitive mix of attributes to ensure the learning and wellbeing of all students can be optimised next year. Let’s hope that 2022 is a more normal characterised with predominantly face to face learning!
2021 Principal Reflections and Thanks
 What another extraordinary year! As Principal, I continue to be humbled by the efforts of our amazing staff who continue to go above and beyond each day across so many fronts – especially during the challenging & extraordinary circumstances that again unfolded this year.
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our highly dedicated and professional teachers and our very caring Education Support staff, for their very genuine efforts to nurture and support the individual needs of all of our students, whether that be when students were on-site or learning remotely. They should all look back with pride on our school’s enduring response to the pandemic and the high levels of support provided to all students to ensure their safety, engagement and wellbeing.
Throughout 2021, I have once again been supported by a wonderful office team, who all help to keep me so organised – especially as we navigated constant changes to operations throughout the year! My sincere thanks to Kristie Greer, Justine Beagley, Graham Sharrock and Melisa Peterson (reception), Jan Costelow and Stella White (Business Manager) who are an absolute delight to work with every day. I’m sure you have also found them to be a great help throughout the year as we navigated new Operational Guidelines every few weeks.
Having completed our School Review and documented a new Strategic Plan for the coming four years, I would also like to sincerely thank the members of the school’s leadership team who have worked so hard to lead through the pandemic and drive our school improvement agenda.  
To our wonderful parents and broader school community, my deepest thanks for your enduring support again throughout the wave of challenges we faced this year. We look forward to forging a ‘new normal’ in 2022 and further cementing our home school partnerships as well all work together to do extraordinary things for our children.
I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope that the time you spend with the family over the coming weeks is filled with much happiness & joy. Having endured 24 months of the pandemic has indeed clarified for many of us the importance of the family and friends we have in our lives.
Stay safe and we’ll look forward to seeing all students returning on Monday 31st January for the new school year.
Enjoy the Holidays

Wayne Whitworth


Grade 6 Graduation

We watched our wonderful Year 6 students graduate on Tuesday night at the Dromana Drive In. What a fabulous night. Congratulations to all, please see some photos below.... We also share some pics of the celebration day at the Melbourne Cable Park, Bangholme....
Graduation 2021

Connor on his last day at Tootgarook with Mr King.

Great place for the graduation!!!

Great to see the students having fun together.

More grad photos - please click.

Grade 6 Celebration Day

Here we go!!!

The fun is in the pushing off of others!!!

Connor looks excited!!! with Mr King.

Cable Park Photos - please click.

The Grade 6 students have been working on their Graduation Bears all Term. From the planning and designing phase to producing them, lots of new skills have been learned throughout the process. To see the finished products please click on the link below.

Finished bears.





The Week in Photos

Wow, we've come to the end of the year already!!! Here are some photos of our last week 2021....
Grade 3/4s and 4/5s went to the beach for their end of year celebration!!!



More beach pics

Lunchtime Performance!!!

Students were treated to an impromptu concert during the week. Teacher Yani and the students learning keyboard played for anyone who wanted to listen. Yani performed Fur Elise in it's entirity.


Click for more photos.

Christmas activities in the Foundation classroom


More Foundation Photos please click here

Congratulations to Koby DeBruyn on his selection in the under 12 VCMU (Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union) Koby plays his first game at Long Island. Good luck Koby!!!


rade 1/2s getting creative with lego in the STEM room.

Toby and Yianni




Then they had an opportunity to decorate biscuits back in the classroom!!!

Jimmy :)


Sylvia and Layla



On our final day we had a special visitor, he came to the classrooms and handed out icypoles to everyone :) :) :) Connor was super happy to pose with him!!!

Grade 3/4 Stop Motion Expo

Frame by Frame....

Throughout Term 4, the students have been working on their Guided Inquiry unit called Frame by Frame. Within this unit, students learned about the different ways people can be creative and allowed them to see opportunities to be creative in their day-to-day lives. They had a wonderful time creating a stop motion video that they showcased to their parents and peers. Thank you everyone for coming to our expo. Well done 3/4s!!!

Kiarra and Charlie display their finished product.

Beach scene

Clara and Dustin

More photos - click here

Grade 1/2 Celebration Day

The Grade 1/2s had a big day out on Thursday last week.... They caught the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff and enjoyed hot chips for lunch. For more photos please click on the links under the photos.

The group pic!!!
More pics - please click.

Bentley enjoying a swing.
Photo Gallery 2

Jimmy, Lenny, Levi and Tyson.
Photo Gallery 3

Lucas, Richard and Adam.
Photo Gallery 4

School House Logo Competition

With the introduction of our new house names this year, it was decided that the students would have the opportunity to put forward their ideas for new designs for each house logo....

Upon returning to face to face learning, all students from Foundation to Year 5 began an art unit where they all created a logo for their new houses.

Warup - blue, fish, salt water

Wargil - yellow, pelican, the sun/sky

Garwarn - red, echidna, the land

Woorruk - green, frog, fresh water.

The students placed their logos in a shield and a banner was added, displaying the new house name. Students decorated the shield in their house colour, using a variation of shades. All the completed shields are now on display in the admin building.

All students were invited to vote for their favourite shield and the following students have won the competition:


Warup Junior Winner: River McShane

Warup Senior Winner: Eloise Garlick


Wargil Junior Winner: Asha Cass-Fyson

Wargil Senior Winner: Evie White


Gawarn Junior Winner: Chloe Littlejohn

Gawarn Senior Winner: Amber Smith


Woorruk Junior Winner: Evie Robertson

Woorruk Senior Winner: Jemma Underwood


Next year, a logo will be developed for each house, using these winners as inspiration.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The prizes will be presented in the last assembly.

Community News

TPS Community Market
Job opportunities
Holiday activities....

School Market - Helpers needed
How great was it to see our market back in action last month!!! Our next market falls on January 22nd. If you could spare and hour or two we would love to have your assistance on our school BBQ which runs from the canteen. If you are able to assist please let the office know or just turn up on the day. Thank you all in advance.