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Principal's Report

Latest news from Mr Whitworth....

Dear Parents and Carers

Based on advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, some significant changes have been made to how cases of COVID-19 and contacts of cases are managed in schools as we reach the 90% double dose milestone for eligible people in the coming days.

Schools will continue the process of identifying contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at schools; contacts will no longer be contacted by the Department of Health with quarantine requirements. If your child is identified as a contact the school will contact you directly. 

Contacts will be required to complete a standard (PCR) test within 24 hours from when they are identified by the school as a contact. 

If the PCR test returns a negative result, the student can immediately return to school, with evidence of the negative result provided to the school.

It is strongly recommended that contacts complete five days of rapid antigen tests in the morning before they attend school. 

You will be able to obtain these testing kits from testing centres from Monday 22 November if your child is required to complete a standard PCR test. 

Where students are currently in quarantine due to an existing school exposure, they will be able to provide evidence of a negative standard PCR test and return to school following the instructions above. 

In exceptional circumstances the Department of Health may determine that contacts in significant school outbreaks are still required to quarantine for seven days. In this scenario, students will be notified directly of any additional quarantine arrangements.

Face masks will now only be required by staff, visitors and Grades 3 to 6 students in an indoor space within a primary school (or schools which have primary students such as P-12 school). 

The wearing of masks remains recommended elsewhere where physically distancing cannot be maintained.

As we head into the final few weeks of the school year, please continue to care for yourself and those around you.


Thank you

Wayne Whitworth


The Week in Photos

Photos from the last week.... The school's Breakfast Program received a boost in the form of a $500 donation from Bendigo Bank as presented by Vanessa Curtis. We are thrilled to be able to continue feeding the students twice a week as well as providing a place for students to come and hang out with friends, do some colouring in and be encouraged to have a healthy start to the day.

Staff completed their CPR updates during the wek with a little help from some special guests!!!

Destiny and Eva show us how it's done :) :)

Zen Pond

A group of students from Grade 5 have been participating in 'Map Your World' -  facilitated by Kate from Family Life and Kelly from the Shire youth services together - all term. They have been working on a project to give something to the school. The students came up with the "Zen Pond" which is an area that students can come to if they are not feeling good. There is a teepee for some quiet time, drawing, painting or reading. Thank you to Mia Payne, Mia Luu, Shaeli and Summer for all their hard work!!!

Mia P, Mia L and Summer

Leap into Learning

Leap into Learning....

Miss Bell was thrilled to welcome the 2022 Foundation students to her classroom this week for their first Leap into Learning session. They had a wonderful time exploring their new environment and were very excited to receive their new Leap into Learning t-shirts. Miss Bell can't wait to see the her new students again next week.

Resilience Rights and Respectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships

​​​​Respectful Relationships is an initiative to support schools and early childhood education settings to promote and model respect and equality. It also supports educators to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.....

Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships document for F-6 may be found at this link.

RRRR via FUSE (F-6 curriculum)

The resources have been developed by experts from Deakin University and the University of Melbourne. These age -appropriate resources support curriculum delivery and include lesson plans and activities that help students learn and practice social skills and apply them in a positive way to learning, life and relationships.

The materials cover eight social and emotional learning topics to support the delivery of respectful relationships content through the Victorian curriculum. 

The resources support a whole of school approach to creating equal and respectful attitudes, behaviours, structures and practices across the school culture and ethos.​​

*Please see the aims and research behind what will be explored in Grade ¾ and 4/5 this Term.


Gender and Identity


Activities will assist students to:

  • Analyse their multifaceted identities
  • Differentiate between sex and gender
  • Identify the restricting effects of negative

gender norms

  • Identify the enabling effects of positive

gender norms

  • Develop an understanding of the influence

of the media and literature in the construction

of gender norms

  • Challenge negative gender norms experienced

in their lived environments.


Research shows that children become aware of gender

at an early age, being well aware of gender norms and

making efforts to fit within gendered expectations by

the time they are in kindergarten.16 As young children

learn about gender, they may also begin to enact

sexist values, beliefs and attitudes.16–20. They may,

for example, insist that some games are for boys and

others for girls, and actively reject peers from certain

games. This means that it is important to commence

work on building positive gender relationships within

these early years. Classroom activities can be used

to help children to explore gender identity, challenge

stereotypes, and to learn to value and show respect for

diversity and difference, and learn how to apply these

attitudes within respectful gender relationships.

Further reading and activities

  • Children’s Books that Break Gender Role Stereotypes offers

a short list and with synopsis of picture story books

that break transitional stereotyping. http://www.naeyc.


  • Always #LikeAGirl is an organisation that is committed

to challenging gender norms about what it means to be

a girl. The YouTube based resource has a range of short

videos that takes the limiting phrase ‘like a girl’ and

reframes it as a positive statement.

Always #LikeAGirl

Positive Gender Relations


Activities will assist students to:

  • Identify different forms of gender based violence,

including physical, verbal and psychological

  • Examine the effects of gender-based violence on

targets, witnesses and perpetrators

  • Describe and demonstrate what respectful, gender

inclusive behaviours look like in action informed by

human rights

  • Assess conflict situations to consider possible

responses (safely end, intervene or withdraw)

  • Describe and practice help-seeking skills and

strategies that can be used when encountering

uncomfortable or unsafe situations involving

peers or adults.


The development of empathy is pivotal in the

prevention of discrimination and violence. Peers who

have an empathetic engagement with the target of

violence are more likely to proactively respond with

acts of support or kindness. Those with rights affirming

attitudes are less likely to engage in gender-based

violence.29, 30 Teachers with higher levels of empathy

and greater awareness of the effect that violence can

have on victims are more likely to intervene when they

see or hear about instances of bullying.31

Continuing to develop students’ emotions vocabulary

and encouraging them to monitor emotions in

themselves and others, helps to build empathy.

Web links for further reading and activities

  • Welcoming schools is a web-based resource providing

professional development tools and lessons to support

a LGBT-inclusive approach to creating respectful and

supportive primary schools for all students and their

families. This resource has a range of statements for

children to use in the face of verbal gender-based

violence. Welcoming Schools

  • Taking Us Seriously: Children and young people

talk about safety and institutional responses to their

safety concerns is an Australian report about

how children and young people aged 4–18 years

understand safety in institutions such as schools.

Taking Us Seriously

  • Bully Stoppers provides a range of information for

students, parents and teachers to help identify,

challenge and seek assistance in the face of bullying

behaviour. Bully Stoppers

  • Kids Helpline is a free 24-hour counselling service for

Australian kids and young people aged 5–25 years.

Kids Helpline

  • Be You provides a range of resources and ideas for

developing coping skills. Be You

  • The Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum is focused
  • SAFEMinds is a professional learning and resource

package for schools and families that aims to enhance

early intervention mental health support for children

and young; increase engagement of parents and carers

with schools to more effectively support their child’s

mental health; and develop clear and effective referral

pathways between schools and community youth and

mental health services. Safeminds


Bizarre Bazaar

Grade 5/6s need your help.... The Grade 5/6s are requesting a bit of assistance from the school community. They have been busy researching and designing items to produce and sell for their Bizarre Bazaar. The following items would be greatly appreciated. A box will be left at the office for any donations, thank you.

  • Jars of all shapes and sizes
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Craft Materials (Ribbons, buttons, balloons)
  • Food Dyes
  • Anything else that could be great to make things out of!



Family Wellbeing with Sonia

Financial Wellness Program - Anglicare

Tootgarook Community Market

Our next Market November 26th....

Patrons are reminded to follow Covid 19 safety guidelines and socially distance.

A big thank you to everyone who assisted at the October Market.


Next Tootgarook Primary School Community Market is on Saturday 26th November from 8.00am to 1.00pm. Patrons and stall holders are reminded to follow Covid 19 guidelines as mandated by the Victorian Government. 
Thank you


Stallholders are reminded to contact the Market Mobile 
0418 360 919 and leave a message or email tootgarookmarket@hotmail.com
Thank you

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