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We are learning about Earth being covered in a skin of rock called the crust....

We were then making observations about different types of rocks found on Earth. Some float like (pumice) based on the holes that are in them as gasses which escape out of a volcano create those holes. Limestone and other sedimentary rocks released bubbles (gas) that rises to the surface when in water, others sank and just made a splash. We discussed polished rocks and natural rocks and felt their texture, compared sizes, colours, weight, etc..

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Today (Tuesday) at lunch time we will begin our first LEGO Masters club. It will begin with the 5/6 cohort and rotate over the course of the term to give every student the same opportunity. If any TPS families have any unwanted LEGO bricks at home, please consider donating them to our school to make this club the best it can be. Thank you in advance. 

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