New House Names Announced

Our journey to new House names as shared by Mrs Read and the House Captains at assembly.....


Sinthyah & Ashton - Gawarn(Flinders)    Matilda and Mahlia - Wargil(Cook)

Emily and Xavier - Woorruk(Tasman)          Lola and Archie - Waru (Bass)

The journey to new House names started about 4 years ago when Tootgarook PS became one of the first schools to become a Respectful Relationship school. Now all government schools are part of the program. The first thing we needed to do was a whole school audit. This means that we looked at all of the policies, programs and traditions at our school to decide if they were fair and represented all of us equally.

One of the things that we decided to change was the house names. These haven’t always been the same. Many years ago the houses were simply called blue, red, green and yellow. Then as a part of the bicentenary celebrations in 1988, the school went through a process and decided on the current names.

As part of our 4 year process, the student leaders including the SHA team have shared their ideas and opinions about how to make sure our house names represented everybody. During this time, our school did a lot of work about the vision statement. One of the main aspects of our vision is community. We wanted to make sure that our new house names reflected our community.

From here the wellbeing team did some investigations about house names in other schools to get some more ideas. We decided that we didn’t want to use names of people because our feelings about those people may change over time. The staff and student leaders decided that we wanted to choose names that represented our environment.

Mrs Read then went through a consultation process with the Bunurong Land Council and they helped  to come up with the names that we are sharing with you all today. Thank you to all the students both past and present who have been part of this journey.

Waru - Fish - Saltwater of the Bay

Wooruk - Frog - Freshwater of the Wetlands

Gawarn - Echidna - earth/ sand

Wargil - Pelican - sky

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